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We help artists from all over the world to take their music further by empowering them with the tools to distribute, monetise, and manage their music in front of a global audience. Find out what we can do for you below.

Manage Campaigns

Make your music stand out, build lasting relationships with your fans and challenge the boundaries of what’s possible. With a smart link, any musician, label or artist can level up their music marketing game with trackable campaigns, unlockable rewards and customisable release links; a way of offering longtime fans and brand new listeners a direct route to your music on their favourite streaming services and stores.

  • What do we offer?

  • Digital Marketing Tools to discover your next biggest fan, create meaningful relationships & push your new releases further.

  • Take full control of your campaigns & share them with your fans straight from your dashboard.

  • We are connected with the world’s leading streaming & social platforms, so no matter how your fans interact with your music, we’ve got you covered.

  • Statistics & Analysis. Use these to plan & inform your music marketing strategies and give them the best chance of success.

Start selling your music worldwide today

It's our mission at Ospo Music to give you the opportunities to take your music as far as you want it to go while make revenue coming your way

Record Labels

With no limits to the number of artists or releases you can upload we have the music distribution solution for labels and collectives.

How we can help you

Referral scheme

Invite a friend to join Ospo Music and receive 2% of their earnings. It comes from our cut, not theirs! so it's a win / win situation

How we can help you

Marketing and promotion

Take your music even further with our unique promotional tools for your music and your fans. Register today to explore this features.

How we can help you

Revenue sharing

When your music is a collaborative effort you can split the revenues with other artists.

How we can help you

Rights Protection

Protect your neck online and earn more from the use of your music on digital Platforms.

How we can help you

Customer care

We provide a 24/7 email and ticket support line so we are never too far away.

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